Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to join the tours?

A: It doesn’t cost anything to join the tours. Participants do need to register to join so we can arrange enough ramp space and set the safest departure order. There is a limit of 40 aircraft per tour and spots are filled on a first come bases so register early. On most tours breakfast or lunch has been provided for the registered participants.

Q: How do you pick location?

A: We look at location that we haven’t been to before as well as taking suggestions from you. If you would like to host a tour or have us come to your town, contact us and let us know.

Q: Are your tours safe to join.

A: The tours are organized and structured in the safest manner possible. A briefing is attended prior to departure on the tour to review our S.O.P’s as well as a debrief after to discuss any learnings. Tours are limited to 40 aircraft for safety reasons.

Q: What happens if the weather is bad on the day of the tour?.

A: The tours are all weather dependent and there is a Go / No Go decision made the day prior. Depending on the tour, if we are able to reschedule a rain day we will. But the final Go / No Go decision is always the responsibility of you the pilot.

Q: Do I need special equipment or training.

A: No special equipment or training is required to join the air tour. Only the standard equipment to fly in controlled air space as per CAR’s is needed. No special training is required to join, we hold a safety briefing prior to the start as well as a debrief at the end of the tour to gather learnings. If you have any questions feel free to ask. We are all just pilots and pilots love to talk.

Q: Do I need special insurance?.

A: No special insurance is required. As long as you have standard aircraft insurance as per CAR’s.

Q: I hear you are COPA Flight 220, do i need to be a COPA Member to join the tours?.

A: COPA offers a number of great benefits for pilots and owners including access to discounts on hotel, car rental, flight training and many more. COPA also has many resource guides from amateur builds to cross border operations. Membership is not required to join the tours but as a pilot in Canada its almost a must have.

Q: Who can attend the Air Tour Events?

A: The Air Tour Events are open to everyone too attend. One of the goals is to bring everyone together to support local communities and business. If you have a club that would like to join a tour get in touch with us.