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To demonstrate the value of general aviation by inspiring and educating the general public through positive direct interaction with a group of visiting aviators touring small community

Economic Development

  • In 2017, the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) commissioned a study by InterVISTAS to look at the value of general aviation in Canada. The study revealed that general aviation contributes:
  • 9.3B to the Canadian economy directly from aviation (does not include commercial operations).
  • 35,000 Full time equivalent jobs (FTE’s) directly from the General Aviation sector.

Communities Engagement

  • Focus on the interface / education of the relevance of general aviation.
  • Engagement and involvement of elected officials, and business community members.
  • Invite communities to showcase their uniqueness of spirit and assets, and join together to enjoy a free outdoor event of aviation and sunshine at their local airport.


  • Air Tours pilots are thoroughly briefed on normal and emergency procedures throughout each tour.
  • Safety of the public, volunteers and the pilots continues to be the number one priority.
  • At the conclusion of each tour, all the lessons learned are compiled and implemented to increase the safety. 

Want to Get Involved?

Alberta Air Tours aims to inform and educate communities across the province and to inspire an interest in aviation. 

We’re looking for pilots and community leaders to reach out to us to join us in spreading our passion for flying and aircraft as part of our 2024 air tour.

Think you’d make a good addition to the team? We’d love to hear from you.